Corporate Simulations

Welcome to ArtVscience’s online catalog of academic simulations. Different simulations are appropriate for various levels within an organization ranging from staff development and new manager training to director and executive workshops. The catalog can be easily filtered by choosing one of the main focus areas above the listing. Detailed information about each simulation can be viewed by clicking on the specific simulation icon.

  • Capsim Capstone business simulation

    Capsim Capstone®

    Capstone enables participants to experience a real-world, competitive business environment and provides the opportunity to build business skills and acumen.

  • Capsim Foundation business simulation

    Capsim Foundation®

    Foundation is great for introductory business courses or courses for non-business majors. It’s ideal for corporate clients to introduce new managers to cross-functional roles.

  • Capsim GlobalDNA business simulation

    Capsim GlobalDNA®

    Capsim’s GlobalDNA simulation is designed to teach participants about the complexities of managing a business a on global scale.

  • Capsim Comp-XM®

    Comp-XM is Capsim’s individual assessment tool. Typically administered after completing Capsim’s Capstone or Foundation simulation, Comp-XM is highly effective at testing whether participants can bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

  • Capsim TeamMATE

    TeamMATE is Capsim’s 360 degree peer evaluation system where group participants can critique their teammates and provide feedback on how well they worked within the group.

  • StoreWars

    Consumer marketing and consumer purchases drive our modern world. Learn how to develop competitive strategies for the consumer business industry in this simulation designed for both FMCG retailers and manufacturers.

  • Capital Budgeting

    Participants examine cash outlays and flow patterns and analyze common metrics such as net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), payback, and profitability index. They will develop a capital budgeting strategy and choose projects with the greatest impact on the company’s value.

  • Change Management

    Put yourself in the role of a change agent at a manufacturing firm and face the challenges associated with implementing an organization-wide environmental sustainability initiative. Participants must establish credibility and achieve the greatest percentage of adopters within the organization.

  • Mt. Everest

    Participants play one of five team members attempting to climb to the top of Mount Everest in this collaborative, multi-player simulation. Failure to accurately communicate and analyze information has consequences on team performance.

  • Working Capital Management

    Analyze investment and cost-reduction strategies to understand how the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows are interconnected. Participants balance the desire for growth with the need for maintaining liquidity.