Executive Workshops

Head in the Game

We offer a variety of simulation workshops designed to coach and develop executive leaders on both hard business concepts as well as soft inter-personal skills. Our courses can be tailored to meet specific organizational learning objectives and time frames.

    • Strategic Decision Making

      Depending on the client, we will use one of several comprehensive business simulations to conduct workshops and training modules that can range from a couple days to several weeks depending on the program and client objectives. Whether for business unit leaders or C-suite executives, participants will learn practical knowledge and skills, appropriate for their role, that can be implemented immediately in their work.

    • Finance for Non-Finance

      Leaders today are constantly driven to create value for their organization. Evaluating the pros and cons of economic tradeoffs associated with managerial decision making requires a thorough understanding of financial concepts. We have several simulations designed to teach finance to corporate leaders on topics ranging from financial statements and ratio analysis to more complex concepts such as working capital management and capital budgeting.

    • Leadership and Teamwork

      Coming Soon!

    • Change Management

      Coming Soon!